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The rising class-war chorus

Income inequality tells us nothing about the absolute condition of the poor.


Today’s daily cartoon by Barbara Smaller: http://nyr.kr/1ewm0HS


Today’s daily cartoon by Barbara Smaller: http://nyr.kr/1ewm0HS

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"Happy Easter: Message from David Cameron"

Happy Easter: Message from David Cameron:

Lawn darts, BB guns, and the trouble with protecting us from ourselves

Managing risk is a tricky business with no one-size-fits all solution. So it is downright dangerous when politicians or, worse, un-elected bureaucrats try to do it on our behalf. Basing public policy on the extreme behavior of Darwin Award winners is decidedly counterproductive.

Cronyism versus the free market

We are all better off thanks to the efforts of countless individual inventors, tinkerers, investors, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks who are finding better ways to do things every day. Keeping that lesson in mind, trusting people to order their own lives, should be our top priority. Communicating that message in a way that connects with people will be key to ensure that future is a bright one.

Article: The Overprotected Kid

The Overprotected Kid

Maybe the real question is, how did these fears come to have such a hold over us? And what have our children lost—and gained—as we’ve succumbed to them?

The Peltzman Effect in Children

The advent of all these special surfaces for playgrounds has contributed very little, if anything at all, to the safety of children,” he told me. Ball has found some evidence that long-bone injuries, which are far more common than head injuries, are actually increasing.

Celebrate Human Achievement Hour!

After many years in Washington, D.C., it’s hard not to notice how little it has changed since President Kennedy called it “a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm.” It remains a town of jarring juxtapositions and contrasts. It has two political parties that dominate the ebb and flow of the policymaking process. It claims to represent the “free world” yet remains one of the most racially segregated cities in the U.S. It emits a sense of power yet shutters its doors and storefronts at the first hint of snow. It attracts highly educated globally minded citizens who fail to comprehend there is a real world beyond the Beltway.

And there is another contrast occurring this week.

Celebrating whiskey’s marketplace journey

Whisky is more than God’s greatest creation. It symbolizes the spontaneous order of free markets and the unplanned innovations they yield. It is the story of happy accidents, unforeseen circumstances, and twists of fate that created a spirit made perfect by its very imperfections.

Regulations: the tax you don't see

There is another area where government grows in the shadows, which in many ways, hides government spending and taxation – through regulation.